Moisture Wicking Gloves – Gloves That Keep Hands Warm

What are moisture wicking glove liners? These are basically thinner gloves that go inside of gloves to add more insulation from the extreme cold weather. They are made of a special material that draws moisture away from your skin to keep you dry. There are three types of fabrics that are used to manufacture these glove liners,  Microfleece, Athletic Wicking Jersey, and Suedecloth. Moisture in cold weather conditions is a very big problem. Although your fine as long as you’re moving around, but when you stop and are still for a long period of time your hand will start to get colder faster than if they were dry. Because the moisture will start to freeze in extreme cold condition. Your hands their self-doesn’t emit enough heat to keep the moisture from turning cold. So, when the moisture gets cold your hands start to get cold as well.

In the extreme cold seasons, most people only think about using gloves. And most of the time it is those big bulky insulated gloves that keeps you from picking up small objects or even grabbing your coffee mug.  Although they are nice when you’re going to be outdoors for three to four hours as long as you don’t need to use one or the other of your hands. But those bulky gloves are not one of the best choices for hunting whitetail, at least no for me.  When hunting you have to be able to keep your hands on your weapon at all times keep a good firm hold on it. You sure don’t want it to slip out of your hands and fall, this could cause a serious or fatal injury.


Rubber Palm Grip

Gripping gloves have an area around the palm and fingers that have infused rubber to aid in the hand grip. This type of glove is not as slick and help to keep a hold of items without dropping them. Although it wouldn’t help if you used it as a glove liner, it would be greatly used as the glove itself. This type of glove is made of wool and also has the wicking capability. Giving you the natural warmth of wool, the wicking ability to keep moisture away from your hands and the nonslip rubber grip to enable a firmer hold to ensure a better and safer hunt.


Leather Palm Grip

The leather palm gripping gloves can also be used as liners but most of the time like the rubber palm they can be used as gloves. This is made of the wool material providing the natural warmth of wool and also has the wicking ability to keep moisture away from your hands and provides a more solid nonslip area around the palm and fingers. This type of glove or liner offers a thin leather piece of material that is infused into the wool. As you can see it covers the complete area of the palm, fingers and even the gripping area of the thumb to aid in a more firm grip and hold.

Fingerless or Half Finger

The fingerless or half finger wicking glove liner offers the natural grip of your skin and the wicking of moisture from the hands. Although it is better to use this type of glove as a liner inside of another glove during the cold weather seasons, this offers the fair ability to grip items than a liner without a gripping area. During the cool seasons is best for hunting since you wouldn’t have to remove it before you take a shot. The ability to feel the trigger pull with your bare finger. But it may not be ideal for extreme cold weather as your fingers wouldn’t have any protection from the cold unless you used it as a glove liner.

Hybrid Fingerless-Half Finger Mitten + Grip

Mittens are known as the best to use in extremely cold conditions as it keeps the fingers closer together so they can work together to generate heat better than fingers that are separated and rely on their own heat to stay warm. This hybrid mitten offers the best of both worlds as it offers the best cover for the hands and fingers in a mitten and the ability to switch to fingerless or half finger gloves. This type of hybrid also brings to the table the gripping power of leather for a better firmer hold. As like the other gloves and liners it also carries the warmth of wool as well as the moisture wicking material. And best of all it can be used as a glove. This type of glove or mitt offers the benefit of folding back the top half of the mitt exposing a fingerless or half finger glove. Offering the ability to be both a warm mitten and a fingerless or half finger shooting glove. This is a huge benefit to a hunter as you don’t have to remove the mitt to make a shot. All you need to is fold back the top of the mitt.

Using A In Combination

Any of these gloves and glove liner are great for keeping your hands dry and moisture free, and the different types offer different for gripping styles. Although this is just a few of the gloves and glove liner that are out on the market. When looking to purchase a glove or liner of this type to keep moisture away is to look the word “wicking”. This tells you that the material in this product help to keep moisture away from your skin, thus keeping your hands dry and warmer than having just a pair of gloves.

You can combine one of the above and use it as a liner or use it by itself in combination with a hunting hand muff or hand muff. This type of combination allows for you to keep your hands in an insulated pouch and if need you can remove your hands and still have an insulated covering to protect your hands. Although your hand may start to get cold after a while exposed to the wind and cold weather you can always slide them back into the hunting hand muff or another type of hand muff.

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    • Hi Vicki, so sorry I haven’t got back to you before now, but I would like to thank you for your comment and hope that it helped you in some way. As a hunter myself I have had an issue with keeping my hands as well as my feet warm during a cold hunt. Thanks again for your comment and pass the word to your friends. all the best

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