Hunting Hand Muff Review – Definition Break Down

There are a few different types of hand muffs that have been introduced to the hunting industry. But hand muffs doesn’t have to be for just hunting. Hand muffs come in different styles and colors and can be used for just about any outdoor activity. Like going to a football game, watching a parade, taking the kids trick or treating on Halloween, etc. Basically you can use a hand muff for just about any outdoor activity if your sitting still and not working.

Hand muffs are simple to use, lightweight and easy to carry and great while your out in the cold weather and wanting to keep your hands warm. In this hunting hand muff review well go over some definition break down details of hunting hand muffs as well as some optional hunting features and give you a video review on a hunting hand muff.


There are many styles of hand muffs out in the market today. Hunting hand muffs are just one style not even touching the surface actually. Just because you may not hunt don’t mean that there is not a hand muff out there for you. They are getting more and more known about than ever, there are hand muffs that just offer the basics to keep your hands warm, others are more fashionable designed and can be used for weddings. They come in just about any color you can think of not to mention the types of fabrics. You can get hand muffs that is fur lined, with thinsulate, fleece lined and more. Even the pro NFL quarterbacks use hand muffs when playing in extreme cold weather conditions. You can even get hand muffs that have your favorite NFL teams logo on it and keep your hand warm while at the game of your favorite teams. Most hand muff come with an adjustable strap that has a clip type buckle and can be wrapped around your waist and the size can be adjusted by the straps. Other hand muffs can be clipped to another piece of hunting apparel like a backpack or hunting vest. The fashion designed hand muff doesn’t have any straps it is just a fury tube and your hand go inside. Of course on hand has to stay in it at all times or I guess you can push it up your forearm is you need both hands at the same time.

Feature Options

Today hunting hand muffs comes with a variety of feature options. There are just basic hand muffs to just keep hands warm, others have storage compartments for you to store different hunting aids in like calls, sents, rope or ammo. Some even have an inner special compartment to hold an air activated hand warming pouch to add more warmth to your hands. There are also cell phone storage compartments to keep your cell phone in while you hunt. Some even have a clear plastic window cell phone compartment that is touch screen friendly enabling you to use your phone right through the plastic without having to remove the cell phone from the compartment. This work really well if you have a Bluetooth headphone device. I use this just in case someone calls, it keeps the cell phone from making any noise and I can see to is calling through the clear plastic window. After they hang up I just send them a text saying, “Can’t answer the phone I am hunting, send text if it’s important”.

Price Range

The price range on a hunting hand muff range from around $17 to $55 USD depending on what type and what features you want to have. But on the other hand, no pun intended, non hunting style hand muff like just basic fashion can range in price from around $9 to $30 USD. Unless you want to go top of the line, these hand muffs could run over $300 USD if you want to go that luxurious. These types of hand muffs are made of real animal fur like mink and are very expensive. Of course, they also bear a big fashion name. But to each is own, right? And the NFL team hand warmer muffs range from around $15 to $45 USD.

Video/Text Review

The type and style hunting hand muff I have is the first one I have ever owned. And I probably wouldn’t have ever known about it if it hadn’t been for my wife. She purchased the hunting hand muff in the video below and gave it to me for our 10th wedding anniversary. Yes, I have an awesome wife. And No she doesn’t have any sisters that hunt either.

I found this hunting muff to be really great. I would have normally worn gloves but my hands still get cold while out in the field hunting in the cold weather. This hand muff really done the job. It has a zipper pouch in the center of the muff where I keep two or three air activated hand warmer pouches just in case I need to aid one for extra warmth. It also has two draw string pouches, one on each side I usually keep a bottle water and cover sent spray as well as a 4 oz bottle of doe estrous. This style also has a little zipper compartment for a cell phone that you insert a cell phone in its own zippered pouch and the pouch has a clear plastic window that is touch screen friendly so I can use my phone if need be while I am hunting. The cell phone pouch can be inserted back in the cell phone holding compartment and be zipped up to keeps the cell phone out of the way. It has a clip type buckle that goes around my waist and I adjust it by the buckle straps until I get a snug and comfortable fit. I don’t slide down or move at all, it stays right in front and when I sit down in the stand or blind it is just laying in my lap for easy access to warm hands.

The following video is a detailed video review of a hunting hand muff that my wife purchased for me on our Anniversary. Although the hunting hand muff in the video is the one I use that don’t mean that it would fit you or you’re hunting style. I will be going over the hunting hand muff showing you some compartments this type of hunting hand muff has and even a few tips on how I use the hunting hand muff.





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