How To Improve Your Focus And Concentration – Keep Hands Warm Winter

When in the field hunting one of the uncomfortable issues it cold hands. Although not all people have this same problem, many can be fine with using gloves. While others have trouble with gloves keeping their hands warm in the winter or just don’t like wearing gloves at all.
Each year when fall comes and the leaves on the trees turn beautiful colors one knows what it just around the corner, “WINTER”. Each year during fall my mind was on hunting, fishing, camping and then each fall season keep hands warm winter would pop in my mind.

When shopping I would always go to the outdoor section of the store and look around, hoping to find something that may help me keep my hands warmer. Needless to say I have spent a bunch of $ on products to do just that. I couldn’t tell you many gloves I have purchased over the years. But then on my wife’s and my anniversary, she gave me a hunting hand muff. Putting it to the test it really surprised me as my hands stayed warm out in a tree stand all day with temperatures in the 30 degree range.

I have put together a few topics that I hope you find informative and will help you decide if you would want to try a hunting hand muff on your next winter hunt.

Gloves VS Muffs

  • Gloves

Their are all kinds, of gloves out there today. Designed for certain types of task for both winter and summer uses. Gloves are great for specific tasks like when working to keep your hands from being blistered, cut or scratched during the job. To keep your hands from slipping off the steering wheel while driving. Or help football player catch and hold on to the football during a game. Their are insulated gloves and they do work to keep your hands warm in the winter as long as you’re moving. But it makes a big difference when your sitting still when it comes to keep your hands warm. And that it just one reason I don’t like gloves when hunting. Below I have listed a few other reason why.

Sense Of Touch – When using gloves while hunting the since of touch it the main issue. Most hunters’ take off the gloves when a potential shot presents itself on the hunted game. This it so that they can feel the trigger or bow string/release better. The since of touch plays an important part in the hunters’ accuracy and success of a hunt.

Dropping – Accidentally dropping one from a tree stand can lead to a failed hunt and going home empty with the gut pain of missing your chance on that one you were waiting for.

Bulky – Finding a pair of gloves for hand warmth is usually over sized due to the extra padding and can be dangerous to your safety as to keeping hold of your firearm. Dropping a loaded firearm from a tree stand could lead to serious injury or death.


Hand muffs are designed for one thing and one thing only. To keep your hands warm while out in cold weather conditions. And there great for keeping your hands warm while sitting still.

Simple – As simple a putting your hands in your pockets and taking them out without the hassle of having use both hands to remove one while keeping hold of the firearm or bow to take a shot.
More Secure – Eliminate getting busted by that big buck by upping your odds to stop accidental drops from happening, since a muff can be attached to other hunting apparel, or buckled to your waist using fully adjustable straps. Depending on the style.

Accessibility – Easy access for your hands, basically lays in your lap and makes it easy to slip your hands in and out of the without any issues.

Safety – Takes the risk of dropping your firearms by enabling the hunter to keep one hand on the weapon at all times. When one hand starts getting cold simple alternate hands from the muff.


  • Very versatile and can be used for any outdoor event. Football games, tailgating, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hay Rides, etc.
  • Simple to use
  • Light weight
  • Designed to keep hands warm
  • Inexpensive
  • Storage compartments


Muffs come in a variety of color patterns including the top camouflage patterns as well as many different types of styles and option to choose from. Some have just the basics while others have compartments for storage, pockets for air activated hand warmer pouches, cell phone holders with see through windows that works for touch screen devices Some even have places for ammo and areas to add tie straps. Their prices range from just under $20 to around $50 dollars depending on the type you get. But when it comes to keep your hands warm it worth its weight in gold.


  • If the style of muff you have doesn’t have a pocket for an air activated hand warmer pouch you can place one inside of the muff. This will add an extreme level of heat within the muff.
  • If you have trouble with your hand sweating while inside of the muff, put on a light pair of gloves you can even cut off the index finger of the shooting hand.
  • Rub a light coating of Vaseline on the zippers to keep them from sticking and making noise.


Improving Your Focus and Concentration

How does a hunting hand muff improve accuracy and success when hunting? By improving your focus and concentration. Well, when your hands are so cold that they hurt and you can hardly feel them when going to make a shot your minds it more one the pain of your hands. And when the feeling is gone you really can’t tell what you’re doing since you can’t feel the pull of the trigger with your finger. This may cause you to shoot off or jerk your shot that may cause you to miss or maim your targeted animal. When your hand is warm and all the feeling it there you are more comfortable and will more than likely shoot better paying more attention to the animal and the feel of the trigger pull. Once the focus and concentration are there, the accuracy is taken care of and the success will follow, as long as you don’t get buck fever. The more comfortable you are while hunting the better your odds of accuracy and success.



I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to view this page. I hope that it been helpful to you in making a decision to purchase a hunting hand muff or not. If you know someone that would benefit from this page please feel free to share it with them.






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